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A Murder Mystery in  1954, Chicago

Chicago, 1954. America flourishes in the youth of its global supremacy. Chicago is the industrial and cultural heart of the ascendant empire. The gleaming crown jewel of the first nuclear nation. 

Amidst the glamour and blight, a harrowing tale unfolds when the savage murder of a child entwines the fates of two cops on a perilous journey into their humanity.

Cover of Sacred Monsters a murder mystery 1954 Chicago


Media picture of Carl J. Evans

Mental Health Pioneer, Scholar, Author is the digital home base for the writings and interests of Carl J. Evans.  


Carl J. Evans is a mental health pioneer who has dedicated almost 20 years to mental health education and suicide prevention. 

Carl has been a writer his whole life, but 2023 marks the launch of his publishing career. 

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